Today’s couples in love live in a fantastic time! The possibilities for traveling to romantic cities are almost endless, and at reasonable prices at that. Regardless of the purpose of your journey – either as an escape from everyday life or the need to spend quality time with each other, going somewhere far away, to a place that we know from movies, books or other people’s stories, can give moments spent together a special nature.

Because it’s obvious that a walk in the park in our own city, or a glass of wine in a local restaurant, is not the same as doing these things in Paris and Rome 😉

Below is my list of 10 romantic propositions, which I refer to all couples. In this list, you will not find the above mentioned Paris, Rome and some other naturally imposing ideas first, but similar places in this context need not be mentioned, because everything has already been written about them. So get going, together.


Located near Marseille and founded in the Roman times, the birthplace of Paul Cézanne, here you can explore the places that the painter immortalized in his paintings. Surrounded by lavender fields, vineyards and hot springs, this charming little town invites you to stroll among the moss-covered fountains, lazily visiting other cafes in search of the best espresso, in order to reach the Farinoman Fou at Rue Mignet, where you will find croissants that, even if you search all day, you will not find in a Polish Lidl. Such a charming place.


Hungarians say sneeringly that their country has ‘water on the brain’ because their capital rises above the rest of the country in an indecent manner. This fall after the rule of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, however, has more advantages than drawbacks because Budapest is a beautiful city, built with great pomp, though preserving the charm and authenticity that is hard to find in Vienna (which I personally love). An evening by the Danube, long walks along the alleys and parks, intense night life in the Jewish quarter, or a visit to the Castle Hill are just a small sample of what Budapest can offer. It is also worth remembering that it is one of those cities that do not take a toll on the pockets of the average traveller.


If you are looking for a place to spend romantic moments in the United States, you might want to schedule a visit to Charleston, considered a quintessence of style in the Southern United States. The city is filled with airy, pre-Civil War architecture, galleries, cafes and great restaurants, among which it is definitely worth mentioning the famous Husk and Peninsula Grill. The whole city is adorned with the intense colors of the flowers of the wisteria plants growing everywhere. Strolling through, we can get lost in the picturesque streets, visit the seaside promenade or stop at the local market for souvenirs or fresh fruit. Try to visit one of many beautiful plantations with incredible trees!


Another American gem for those in love can be found on the the west coast of California. This is Carmel-by-the-Sea. To get there we have to travel along a section of the famous Highway 1 – one of the most scenic roads in the USA, leading along the Pacific coast through wild beaches, cliffs and forests full of gigantic redwoods. Once you arrive at your destination, you will not find the bustle of a seaside resort, but the lazy atmosphere of California’s seaside, where the steady sound of the waves is used to tell time. Here, you will also find charming cafes, shops and bars that you can visit while waiting for a sunset on the beach. When you feel like you have a little more energy, you can try your hand at surfing and other water sports.


There are good reasons why the Croatian city of Dubrovnik is called the pearl of the Adriatic and these are the same reasons why it is difficult not to come across a couple in love on their honeymoon there. This is, to put it simply, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Narrow streets lead between stone houses covered with contrasting red roof tiles to show us the way to another cafe, where we can sip wine, looking out at the sea. We can see the panorama of the city by renting a kayak together and going to the nearby Lokrum Island, or by taking a cable car to the top of the mount Srđ, located 700m above the city. The city can also be toured in a different way – visiting Dubrovnik’s places which are the background for the events we know from the Games of Thrones.


It is said that you can spend a lifetime in Florence and not see all of the sights that this place hides. The world capital of art and the renaissance, not without reason often finds its way onto the lists of best places for lovers and it had to be on mine. The architecture of the whole city, full of works by Michelangelo, Giotto and many more of the most outstanding artists in history, seems to be a decoration for romantic moments with someone who is important to us. Almost every hotel has frescoes, paintings and sculptures that, in any other place, can only be seen in a museum. We can spend weeks visiting the sights that the city has to offer, which I will not even try to name. During some breaks, to cool off, you can spend some time at the Mercato Centrale looking for souvenirs or sit at the Piazza della Signoria slowly sipping Italian coffee.


Some cities are lucky enough to have movies or books produced about them that show their spirit and essence, in a sense, becoming their travel brochures. Lisbon is fortunate that Wim Wenders filmed Lisbon Story, a movie that says more about this unique place than any of the guides. A film about Lisbon, but also about Portugal, music and … love. Obviously.

Castles, palaces, gardens, winding cobbled streets and old trams are just some of the elements that make up the unique character of this city, which has always attracted couples in love. Does an evening filled with candlelight, wine, and petiscos (a Portuguese type of tapas), accompanied by the sounds of Fado, along with a view of the lit-up São Jorge castle sound good enough?


Not only does the Czech capital sit right beside the Polish border, it also does not lack any of the charm and character of the most beautiful European cities. Regardless of the season, Prague is the perfect setting for romantic walks in the Old Town, the Castle District, Charles Bridge, the Golden Lane, the Lesser Town (Malá Strana) and other parts of the city of Franz Kafka. Hundreds of beer halls, restaurants, cafes and the unique approach of the Czechs to reality creates a unique whole, which attracts countless tourists every year, also those in love. It is true that sometimes it is sometimes very crowded and some are bothered by how ‘cutesy’ it is, but it is still one of the most beautiful cities on the Old Continent.


The Tuscan gem is another point that cannot be missed on the world map for lovers. It has preserved its medieval character and, for this reason, has been included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It brings together the masterpieces of over 40 prominent artists, including those of Michelangelo, Donatello and Bernini. Concentrated around the Piazza del Campo, the town quietly invites you to sip from your glass of Chianti on a warm summer evening and watch the dense crowd of tourists mingling with the locals. When the crowdedness of the old streets and the bustle and confusion of the town becomes too absorbing, all it takes it to go beyond the city limits, where the lazy world of Tuscany opens up to us, no less fascinating and addictive.


And finally, one more Italian city, because it is quite obvious, it is difficult to compare any place to Italia, with the amount of beautiful and romantic places. My choice is tendentious, but having visited hundreds of romantic cities in my life I must admit with 100% confidence: Venice is the most romantic city in the world. Like the aforementioned Paris and Rome, it is the archetype of a romantic city to which lovers should go on weekends for two, engagements, honeymoons. It is obvious that the constant stream of tourists kind of floods this place, taking away a bit of its charm, but nevertheless, this unique network of canals, soaked in centuries of rich history, creates a unique “postcard”, on which you have to find yourself at least once.

Obviously, the above “romantic” places may very well be discovered by souls that are completely unromantic and unfriendly towards relationships, or even completely turned off by people, but these extraordinary cities have a unique atmosphere that can help two people who are already close, to be even closer for a moment…