He holds your hand as you swim together in a gondola through the Venetian canals. He massages you with pain-soothing lotion after experiencing too much sun near the Croatian Omiš (“But the sun was so unnoticeable!”). For the third day in a row, you eat the best seafood pasta in the world, on one of the Andaman islands, in the same restaurant on the beach, at the same table with the red and white plaid tablecloth …

Memories collected on a shared trip are priceless. Because they are only yours and only you understand them. But you do not always have a better half to go away with. And then what? Go into mental self-denial? Wait until you wake up a dozen or so years later, regretting that you had not lived more intensively, that you had not traveled more? I have gone on most of my travels by myself and I was not sad at all. Although I was not looking for romances, if I had wanted to – there were plenty of opportunities. Lonely journeys can be fascinating! Do not give up on them simply because there is an irrational fear on the way to your departure or the belief that you should not travel by yourself.

The world is more open for singles than it has been ever before, so enjoy the prosperity of the times we live in and go on a trip alone at least once. At least for a weekend. I guarantee that it will be one of the best in your life. And if you do not have any ideas of where to go, below are a few hints. Who knows, maybe you will not come back from this trip alone …? 🙂

The mother of all clubs in the world – Ibiza

We’re starting out strong. Do you need crazy, all-night-long parties that end around daybreak with an after at the beach bar (everyday, for 7 days a week)? Only Ibiza. This extremely picturesque island (although that’s not what it is world-famous for) located in the Spanish Balearic Islands, is known for being the party capital of the world. But apart from the best clubs (Pacha, Ushuaia, Amnesia), you will also find modern, well-equipped hotels and great, clean beaches. So for those looking for something more than partying hard all night long – the infrastructure alone is also an A+

In addition, going on holiday in Ibiza, we can count on having fun into the early hours of the morning in the company of a multicultural crowd. This is a perfect opportunity to meet hundreds of new people – in other words, a paradise for the single that is craving new company. It is worth mentioning that the clubs in Ibiza play very diverse music – so you do not have to worry about becoming a wallflower if techno is not your favorite music genre. In this respect, there is something good for everyone.

So Ibiza is great for someone who is single, because its entertaining and really open to everyone – in the very literal sense of the word. The unquestionable advantage of this place is its openness and tolerance for other cultures or orientations. The vast majority of places are friendly to LGBT communities – zero weird looks, criticism, or finger pointing. Tolerant multicultural experience in every respect.

Angelic holiday in LA

Another proposal for singles who want to have fun and spend an unforgettable vacation is Los Angeles (and the surrounding areas). This is a place that is completely made for people looking for entertainment, summer adventures and flirting without the commitment. Being in LA, you should first of all, go to the beach in the Venice area – it is the heart of holiday entertainment, where every one of you will find something to enjoy and have a good time – beach, surfing lessons, great food, countless performances by different artists on the promenade of Ocean Front Walk. In the evenings, you can take a trip around the various clubs and bars. There are a lot of them here and I really do not know a single person who would not enjoy their atmosphere. Without frills, chill out, casual, relaxed. In addition to Venice Beach, you should also visit Santa Monica. I warn you that will not be easy to leave any of these places… I tested this out on myself a few years ago.

The azure coast welcomes you

Saint-Tropez is another recommendation for singles who want to have fun on their upcoming holidays and – lets say things exactly how they are – cannot complain about the contents of their wallets. Beautiful beaches, crowds of people, upscale cars, a mix of cultures and languages, tastefully decorated restaurants, great food and numerous attractions will help you to not feel lonely, even for a moment. Instead, you can soak up the excitement and enjoy the wonderful views (and new friendships you’ve made).

Evenings at this place are fun until the early morning hours in the iconic Club 55 or parties on the yachts. Chill, openness, laughter and life at a high level of wealth reign here. If you can afford to go crazy once in your lifetime – welcome to Saint-Tropez.

Italian dolce far niente

I do not have to recommend Italy as an ultra-romantic vacation destination to anyone. At first glance, the prospect of spending time among hundreds, thousands of couples in love for a single person seems to be the holiday from hell. But it does not have to be like that. There is a way to go on holidays in Italy as a single, if you just go to the right place. And in to save us comes Rimini – a city created for the young and not necessarily married.

This is a place that does not allow you to complain about boredom. Moreover, this place never sleeps. Everywhere, it is crowded with restaurants, pubs and lively clubs, where current chart-topping music rules. After being out until the early morning, it is worth relaxing and gathering your strength on the Italian, picturesque beaches. These, despite being busy during the holiday season, will not disappoint with their beautiful coastline and the sea.

As you can see then, no one is doomed to have a failed vacation that involves looking at couples in love and sad contemplation. There are indeed many places that allow you to break away from everyday life and feel a wonderful summer party atmosphere that encourages meeting new people and flirting. Let’s take advantage of it!