My packing is like the journey itself. It entails a lot of creativity, artistic disorder, spontaneous choices and sudden twists.
Assuming that “you never know where you may end up”, the contents of my suitcase are very diverse. When it is time for packing, the exception to this rule is the flight set. Whether I choose to go to Newfoundland or Madagascar – it will always contain the same things. Because what I’ll pack in my carryon bags on a long flight will depend on my comfort during the journey. (Un)fortunately I know this from personal experience.

Comfort above all

Maybe it’s not exactly packing, but what can I say – a comfortable outfit is essential. The key to comfort in my case is shoes. Here, regardless of the weather conditions I put on sneakers, preferably ones that are slightly loose. Remember that during the flight, feet can swell, so you do not want your shoes to dig into your leg. If I have a choice I put on shoes with Velcro or a zipper. If necessary, the shoes are easy to put on and take off.
Speaking of clothes – no leather or nylon, airtight fabrics. A comfortable, sporty outfit has never let me down. A loose T-shirt and baggy sweatshirt on top. For long journeys I rarely reach for jeans but more often choose all kinds of leggings. Regardless of what you decide, avoid belts with buckles (when it digs into your body an hour after lift-off, it will effectively remind you that this choice was not the best idea). Also avoid tight cuffs in the legs and sleeves.


Smart packing, so cosmetics during air travel

I definitely don’t belong to the group of girls who go on a long-haul flight in heels and a full face of makeup (comfort, comfort, and again comfort!). I often meet such cases on board the plane and feel more sorry for them with every hour. The dry air in the cabin works very badly not only with makeup, but also with the skin. The longer the flight, the more the skin becomes dry, irritated and I really do not know why we should give it more problems in the form of excessive amounts of foundation, powder and eye shadow … Well, but ladies, to each their own. I go mostly for hydration. Therefore, packing a travel toiletry bag is very important to me. You will always find in it the most necessary things:

  • Water spray (e.g. Vichy) – not only revives a tired face, but also awakens and refreshes;
  • A good facial moisturizer should be applied at home and then gradually added so the skin can drink;
  • When it comes to makeup, I can make one exception in an airplane – lip gloss / balm. But it must also be well-moisturizing and relatively inexpensive, because I have quite an uncommon talent for losing lip cosmetics;
  • It is good to carry antibacterial gel. It can be used not only on your own skin, but also to clean the table and plastic arm rests. Antibacterial wipes will also do the job – you can buy these for pennies at any drugstore.


Survival kit

If the room in my carryon luggage allows for it – I take my pillow and blanket. I am someone who is cold always and everywhere, so this is my must have. On longer flight you will receive a blanket and pillow from the crew, but this kind of set is also useful in the hotel. I can recommend Oysho for a nice set. The blanket fits inside the pillowcase so you can save some space in your luggage.

One of my favorite pastimes on board is getting a good sleep. Good sleep isn’t bad but it’s always helpful to consider the time difference upon arrival. If upon arrival, our first steps are to our hotel’s bed, it’s a waste of time to sleep on-board. Especially since it is beneficial to stand up, stretch and do some basic exercises once in a while – our legs don’t enjoy siting for long periods of time. Especially when it’s rather tight inside the plane.

Focus on practical gadgets

One of the most practical things you should consider when planning the packing of your luggage are earplugs. The more decent, the better – anyone who has spent 12 hours on a plane next to a teething baby will tell you that. Unfortunately – music does not always help, and your favorite hits drowned out by the horrible sounds from outside is not at all pleasant.
If you travel a lot you probably know all too well the problem of your battery dying right when you want to find on the Internet some information which might save your life in a new land. Therefore, I always (also in Warsaw) carry with me a power bank. In addition to this, a set of chargers and adapters.
I am a fan of functional solutions, so for a longer trip I take with me a case for my iPhone, which can be hung around the neck. Searching for a phone between the seats is a dubious pleasure. And because my phone is my third hand (unfortunately), I always like to know where it is currently.


Onboard entertainment

A flight is a good opportunity to recharge your batteries by relaxing and catching up on creative and intellectual endeavors. Therefore, packing includes a few more important points.The obvious choice is a good book, especially about travel. Additionally, one where the action takes place in the place you’re visiting. This will positively introduce you to the atmosphere of the place .

  • A big yes for COMFORTABLE earphones, especially with rubber ends. Plastic ones are now rare, but sometimes movies or music are your only entertainment on long journeys, so it’s worth investing in ones which do not make your ears fall off after use.
  • Previously downloaded applications on your iPhone or iPad, with descriptions of places to visit in the country to which you are headed. If you already know everything about a given place – you can always learn the local language with a previously installed phrasebook.
  • Because creative ideas and crazy plans come to me absolutely everywhere, regardless of the place or environment, I always have a small notebook. Of course, my MacBook usually comes with me in my bag, but there is something romantic about saving your ideas, plans and fleeting thoughts in the pages of your favorite notebook (one and the same since 2009).
  • Sometimes the view from the window provides the best entertainment. I can listen to my favorite music and stare at the clouds or the blue abyss for hours. The view of the clouds below me never ceases to amaze me. Therefore, I always bring my Canon on the plane.

The modern world gives us a whole range of ideas to pass the time. But in most cases, the best of them is … the company of a neighbor. The journey is the people, so if the person next to me is quite sociable, I put away my electronic toys and spend time in an airplane the best way I can. In conversation.