There is no commonly accepted mood or state of mind. A right place or appropriate circumstances. No idea will survive undisturbed from beginning to end. There is also no bad or good time. Or excuse. Everything is an extremely personal matter. For one it is New Year’s Eve. For another a prophetic dream, which gives place to a real mobilization. For some, the need, for others an alternative, for still others – a chance.


So underrated, and yet the best. At work, in a relationship. In the first moments of a meeting with a friend we haven’t seen in months. The first time crossing the threshold of a new apartment. In the first minutes of flight in an ascending airplane. On a first date.

The feeling that accompanies beginnings, regardless of what they refer to, cannot be replaced, artificially generate or unnaturally spurred. Because a new beginning is a separate emotion – at least for me. Indeed any other stage of work or activities – whatever they may concern – is not accompanied by unadulterated enthusiasm, zeal that does not distinguish day from night and creativity that knows no limits.

That’s how I feel entering the new, new. Positively excited, brimming with ideas, reaching beyond the horizon with visions. I love beginnings and all that they entail. This adrenaline, enthusiasm, the belief that everything is possible. In this matter I am very predictable – New Year’s Day always allows me to mobilize. More than a week has passed since New Year’s Eve, but this still “holds” me. It’s rather good? Regardless of whether you share my sentiments associated with the injection of power at midnight, I wish that the New Year also brings you this moment. When you feel how damn much you want to!