Do you like traveling and you’re often annoyed that you can only spend a month or two per year doing so? Do you work in an industry where you can do your duties remotely from your home or café? Do you hate regular work time and the need to spend countless hours in the office every day? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then it is a sign that you could become a digital nomad.

Who is this really? It’s a person who travels for the better part of the year. They don’t have any difficulty moving around from country to country, spending some time in each one. They absorb the culture, travel throughout the selected country, and at the same time they… work. It is a person who performs their duties remotely, thus gaining immense freedom of movement.

Autumn is, for many digital nomads, a perfect time to leave the country. The weather becomes worse, the lack of sun gives you the blues – so it is time to go where the conditions for work will be more pleasant. So let’s see where it’s best to take your work from Poland for the winter.

5. Tarifa, Spain

This is a place to go right now, after the holiday season. Both the cost of an airline ticket and the rent of a room or apartment are significantly lower. We can get a spacious room for one person for just 200 Euro per month. Even after the holiday season in Tarifa, we have sunny days, pleasantly high temperatures and the possibility to take part in water sports or carefree sunbathing.

Importantly, this place is well prepared to receive digital nomads. It offers cheap car rentals as well as office space.

4. Canary Islands

One of the preferred locations to work remotely from abroad is the Canary Islands. It is from there that many digital nomads begin their adventure. Why? There are a lot of reasons. First of all, we can enjoy the sun, beautiful views, gorgeous beaches and the possibility of taking part in water sports. But these are not the only reasons. The Canary Islands also have appealing financial aspects. We can buy a one way ticket for only 300 PLN. We also do not have to obtain any visas or work permits. Moreover, the European Health Insurance Card is accepted there. There is also no shortage of modern coworking spaces on the Islands, which can be used to fulfill our professional duties under comfortable conditions.

3. Todos Santos, Mexico

This is a small town that is located on the Baja California peninsula. This place is cut off slightly from mainland Mexico, so it is much calmer and safer. Great views of the Pacific, high temperatures and the pervasive sun make the time here flow more slowly. If one is sufficiently disciplined and does not succumb to the temptation to do nothing, it is an idyllic place for remote work.

Here, we can rent one of the many houses, which remind us of haciendas well-known from Latino productions. The Internet, although it is provided through a radio access network, works smoothly so there should not be any problems with getting work done. Another advantage of this place is also low prices of food, services, vehicle rental or tourist attractions. And on top of that, the easy to learn Spanish language, which you can learn in just a few months.

2. Canggu, Bali

I do not think I have to persuade anyone to work and relax in Bali. The town of Canggu in Bali is well prepared for the reception of digital nomads. We will find plenty offices for hours and coworking spaces. Most of them have high speed Internet access. The place itself attracts us with its magnificent views of rice fields, rich vegetation and exotic cuisine that can satisfy even the most demanding connoisseur.

1. Chiang Mai, Thailand

This place is a true mecca of digital nomads. It is hard to be surprised when it has so much to offer. What exactly? First of all, it has the perfect working conditions that will give us flexibility – many coworking offices are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This allows us to work when we want. Another advantage is the cheap apartments – their rent is about 600 PLN per month.

Thailand itself is attractive, first of all, because of the fabulous landscapes, captivating hospitality and exotic food. There are also typically European amusements such as fitness, bars and cafes and gyms. This makes it the perfect place for a first trip. We will not particularly feel the yearning for our daily life and its pleasures.

fot. Panupong Roopyai [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

So where are you taking your work? 🙂