Israel is a place more and more popular with tourists because everyone will find something for themselves. One looking for tranquility and spirituality will find here the most important holy places of the three major religions of the world. Someone passionate about archeology and ancient cultures can visit numerous excavation sites. One hungry for rest can lay on one of the countless beaches. A lover of culture faces a bewildering range of museum, a fan of new technologies will find oneself in Tel Aviv, the world capital of startups.

Israel is a place where three continents meet. This is the biblical Promised Land, a place where one of the youngest countries in the world meets one of the oldest cultures, it’s an amazing melange of impressions, stimuli, feelings. Finally, it is residents who are open to the tourists.

On a surface equal to the West Pomeranian Voivodship, you will find such an accumulation of attractions that even ten trips will not be enough to get to know this small country. It is impossible to saw what really attracts people to Israel, because the attraction here is almost beyond number, but I can try to show you the places that are definitely worth a visit during your first time.

Jerusalem – for spirituality

For sure it will be Jerusalem, with countless monuments and places connected with the events of the Bible. To avoid the crowds when visiting the Basilica of the Holy Sepulcher, it is worth getting up early because it is open from 4:00. Also notable is the Armenian cathedral of St. James during worship. Around 15:00, we can hear the singing of Armenian monks, which leaves a lasting impression. Remember, it is banned to come inside in shorts and with bare shoulders, this prohibition, moreover, is also used in other places.

We cannot ignore the Western Wall, with separate entrances for men and women and the Dome of the Rock, one of the most important Muslim shrines, which together with the Al Aqsa Mosque, creates one of the three holiest places of Islam. The Way of the Cross, the Garden Tomb, the Basilica of the Nativity or the Mount of Olives, Bethlehem Grotto of the Nativity are in turn places associated with Christ. Jerusalem is finally the Museum of the Holocaust – Yad Vashem, where you should spare a moment to walk through the park, where trees grow in honor of the Righteous Among the Nations. Jerusalem is worth seeing completely, therefore, for its touring book four intensive days. This is one of the most mystical places that I was able to visit.

Traveling through the desert

It is impossible to miss – fortunately, the Negev desert, because it takes up 40 percent of Israel’s area. We will find here peace, tranquility and one of the most spectacular geological formations, the Ramon Crater. Someone will ask, what is so fascinating about a forty-kilometer hole in the ground? Well, it’s impossible to explain, you have to see for yourself.

On the southern edge of the desert is the Gulf of Aqaba, on whose edge lies Eilat. This is a strategic seaport, an important industrial center and one of the most famous resorts in the world, where we can swim in the immediate vicinity of dolphins. The mere sight of dolphins is something incredible, but the opportunity to swim with them is a sensation from another dimension.

Unfortunately I was unable to reach the Dead Sea, but from the stories of friends I know it is really worth the trip. Indeed, it is not every day we can swim in a sea so salty that immersion in it is virtually impossible, in addition it is located in the greatest depression in the world. By the way, you can treat yourself to a mud mask, which is a real mineral treat for your skin. I took advantage of similar attractions in Cape Verde, so I am able to imagine it.

Tel Aviv – a city of contrasts

Tel Aviv-Yafo is commonly called Tel Aviv. The first one is 100 years old, Yafo 3500. In the first we find a metropolis, museums, art galleries, great restaurants, beaches, night life and money. In Yafo one of the oldest seaports, the mosque of Al-Mahmudijja and a large number of monuments. We can not miss the Bahai gardens in Haifa. The effect of the enormous amount of work of hundreds of gardeners and architects is sometimes referred to as the eighth wonder of the world – and with good reason!

On the slight hill of Megiddo is an important archaeological site, where there are not many tourist attractions, just some foundations. But it is worth a visit, because its other name is Armageddon, and it is here that, according to the Apocalypse of St John, the final battle between the forces of good and evil will be fought.

The last stronghold of the Crusaders, Akko, the childhood town of Christ, Nazareth, the Jordan River, the place to find the famous scrolls in Qumran, Ein Gedi National Park, Hebron, split by a wall of resentment and conflict, sometimes called miniature Israel, the oldest city in the world, Jericho and the Mount of Temptation, where Satan urged Jesus to sin, kibbutzim, heavily armed soldiers, the sight of which does not arouse anyone’s surprise. And finally, fantastic food. For all those places and things, it is worth it to visit Israel, and then come back to it and come back again.