I’m looking at the calendar and I can’t believe my eyes. Is it possible that New Year’s Eve is only just over a month away…?!

It’s frightening and motivating at the same time. I do not know how your year was, but to say that mine was interesting is an understatement. If the culmination of it is to be New Year’s Eve – then only a truly unique one will do. Whoever is bored of balls, house parties, or parties at the same clubs that you go to every week – I recommend making an unusual entrance into 2018 (I seriously cannot believe that it’s almost here…!)


Burn a Viking boat

Another interesting idea for an unusual New Year’s Eve a trip to Edinburgh. The local farewell of the old year actually begins on December 30th, starting with a giant parade through the streets of the city. Its purpose is the ritual burning of Viking boats. The tradition dates back to pagan times and is called Hogmanay.

On New Year’s Eve there is a giant concert in front of the Edinburgh Castle, and an integral part of this is one of the world’s largest fireworks shows. So everyone will find something for themselves.

Fun in Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro – where else can you count on such a hot party? And in addition, it will be in an angelic style, because the first rule of the New Year’s Eve festivities in this passionate city is to dress up in white on this day. This color is to bring happiness and prosperity. Whether you believe it or not, it won’t hurt to try.

The festivities in Rio de Janeiro take place mainly on the beach. Attendees bring with them flowers and cosmetics to the party, which they throw into the water right before midnight. This is a sacrifice made to the goddess of the sea, Yemoja, originating from ancient African beliefs.

New Year’s Eve in Rio is, first of all, hot samba rythms as well as a very spectacular fireworks show. Thanks to the fact that they are fired off of inflatable boats, they reflect their glow from the surface of the ocean. The effect is phenomenal!

On a boat in Sydney

The Australian capital attracts so many people every year that some of them do not fit on land around the coast and decide to celebrate on one of the boats that are moored at the shore.

Most of the attractions happen in front of the famous opera house, which is lit up in a mosaic of colors that day. One of the most interesting attractions is undoubtedly the aboriginal custom of burning bad spirits. Combined with the amazing fireworks show, it is impressive!

Sydney is definitely an option for the persistent 🙂 There is nothing surprising in this – there is quite a lot going on here and the experience of a New Year’s Eve like this will remain with someone for years. May we come to find this out for ourselves.

New Year’s Eve in Cape Town

I always return to Cape Town with sentiment. The city is fabulously located, vast, and varied in so many respects. It could share its multitude of New Year’s Eve events with many cities and still have some for itself. New Year’s Eve here is especially interesting because the turn of the year here is at the same time as the celebrations connected with the day in which slaves in South Africa received freedom in the 19th century. Thanks to that, we have an entire two days of perfect, endless fun.

What can we expect? Loud and lively parades, fireworks shows, cheerful people dressed up in extremely fancy outfits, concerts, barefoot dancing to local musicians … these are just some of the attractions that you can experience – it’s worth adding, in brilliant sunshine and at high temperatures. New Year’s Eve for the demanding!


A night with the Northern Lights

One of the strongest points on my Bucket List! It’s true that I don’t particularly enjoy low temperatures, but for this attraction I am able to temporarily change my tastes. Norway and the glow of the northern lights on New Year’s Eve is an option that will not disappoint even the most demanding travelers. Where exactly? One of the cities that regularly organizes this type of New Year’s Eve event is Tromso (direct flights from Gdańsk).

What can you expect, other than the unusual phenomena in the sky? You will not complain about a lack of choices: most trips include catamaran cruises, fishing trips, dog sleds, and even whale watching. Here, New Year’s Eve fun is devoid of noises and crowds, which is an undisputed plus. For me, it sounds like a fairy tale.