Capturing places, moments and emotions is a passion that gives a lot of satisfaction. Often, changing the place where we are allows us to become more creative, and the pictures taken in these places are always breathtaking even if they are only taken with an old phone.

Where is the best place to go with a camera? I think it all depends on the moment. The best pictures I have ever taken, I consider photographs taken with my phone in the village of Huta, in the Lublin region. On them are my very elderly grandparents talking about the future. Therefore, the place and time to take a perfect photo is a very subjective matter. But I admit that taking into account global travel I do not have much trouble identifying my top 10 places where every photographer should go. Some of the places I have checked, some I’m planning. So the following decalogue I will treat not only as photographic tips for you, but also motivation for myself to (soon) see the places that I have not yet visited. Let’s start!

  1. Iceland – hot springs, unspoiled nature

One of the places to visit to in order to take stunning pictures is undoubtedly Iceland. The raw landscape, hot springs and the combination of volcanoes and glaciers guarantee unforgettable shots. Additionally, the weather – the gloomy atmosphere intensifies the feelings, and when the sun comes out from behind the lead-colored clouds, the light forms the whole picture – even if you’ve only photographed a sheep lost in the bushes.

  1. Hawaii – excitement in true paradise

The Hawaiian islands are an amazing atmosphere, greenery, which can be found mainly in paintings of true masters, but also hundreds of places to photograph. Among them we can mention vertical, majestic cliffs, waterfalls, wonderful vegetation growing on volcanic soils or picturesque beaches. But Hawaii is also beautiful and cheerful people, willing to pose for fantastic portraits. Friendships often end with a drink with a colorful umbrella and sensational tales.

  1. Hot shots from Brazil

By deciding to travel to Rio de Janeiro we can be sure that our camera will remain in continuous use. There is no time to put it away into a bag, because each look in another direction brings a new idea for a shot. The magnificent, rich vegetation of this country, crowded streets, and then picturesque Copacabana beach are real mines of inspiration. In addition, we can also find real works of street art in this city – murals and mere illustrations on the walls burst in color and style, it is worth a photo, especially since they go away fast or undergo further transformations. Incredible. However, it is worth noting that without proper preparation and proper knowledge – as well as the right guide – it is not worth going for a photographic walk through the favelas with your expensive equipment.

  1. Dubai – breathtaking architecture

If you can allow yourself to go on a longer trip, consider planning a visit to Dubai. This extraordinary, futuristic city, built in the middle of the desert in spite of all logic, is stunning with its richness and diversity. An incredible vision of an architect whose momentum never stopped. This is an ideal proposition for those who love urban photography. Although it is true that the brightness is blinding. Bright sands, white buildings, all illuminated by the sharp sun – but what photographer does not like a challenge? Dubai is also a chance to take fantastic panoramic photos, such as from the “roof” of this city – Burj Khalifa. A true photographic paradise for urban photographers.

  1. Croatia, close by for beautiful photos

Contrary to popular belief, we do not have to go thousands of kilometers in search of great places to be captured. One of the ones that are relatively close, and is also a frequent holiday destination, is Croatia. Picturesque coastal cliffs on the Dalmatian coast and the city of Dubrovnik are both worthy of being captured. This is a magnificent city where we find massive walls from the 16th century and Gothic and Renaissance buildings.

If you’re after amazing colors in your shots, you have to go to the Plitvice Lakes National Park – the colors are breathtaking.

  1. The desert – perfect place for night owls

If we want to take beautiful and unique pictures of the night sky we need a place that is not polluted by electricity and light. Thanks to that, it will become much easier to extract the true beauty of the stars in the night sky. Where should you go? The answer is deserts. I do not give any specific one because each has its own charm and will allow us to take stunning photos. So consider an exotic trip. The Milky Way photographed from the desert looks like an entirely different universe – but remember to prepare accordingly so that you do not end up disappointed. On the Internet you will find tons of different astrophotography guides – even for complete amateurs.

  1. Great Barrier Reef

Even a few years ago, the dream of doing underwater photography was, for many people, unreachable. Presently, great shots taken underwater are within reach for each of us. One of the places that is particularly worth a visit is the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. The richness of the vegetation and endangered sea turtles there are just waiting for our creative ideas.

  1. Asian countries and the richness of color

Another point on the map of the avid photographer should be any one of the Asian countries. A culture completely different from our own is extremely inspirational. We can take some particularly good shots at local markets. The unknown culinary world, full of exotic spices, vegetables, and seafood is a wealth of colors that will delight everyone.

And the people. The people are the true wealth of Asia. Beautiful and spiritual portraits are one of the most common photographic achievements brought back from these distant lands. There, I love to look at elderly people, often looking after their own small business, surrounded by families or walking in the parks under colorful umbrellas. Perfection.

  1. An eclipse of the sun, which you must capture

The place that is particularly worth a visit in August this year is undoubtedly the state of Oregon. On August 21, you will be able to observe, and of course capture, there a total eclipse of the sun! This is a treat for every photographer. Such an expedition, however, pays off only to those who are really skilled in the art of taking photographs of the sun and already have experience. Others should put down the camera and look at the sky – of course using the appropriate glasses. For photographers, this is one opportunity in a million to take fantastic pictures. There are also deals for balloons and small companies renting airplanes – photographers are booking places to photograph and film the shadow that will pass through these areas – and there is no limit to the places where the whole phenomenon will be particularly spectacular.

  1. Looking for excitement at the stadium

My number one will probably surprise you, but I would not have been myself if I had not placed the excitement found in stadiums on top of the podium. As for me, it is unquestionably the most wonderful place to photograph. This is not just about what happens on the pitch, but also in the stands. The stadium for me is synonymous with Excitement with a capital “E” – from the euphoria of the winners to the despair of the fans of the losing team. Such photos always make an impression, but besides that, they are a great souvenir. You probably also have places that give you such extreme emotions. I bet if you were asked for the TOP place for photos, you could name it without hesitation, even woken up from sleep at 3am. That is why landscapes are one thing, but it is always best to photograph that which is closest to the heart.