London is an iconic city. The European New York, which is visited by millions of tourists annually. Diverse cuisine, fantastic entertainment, a mecca for fans of fashion. The city is equally friendly for singles as it is for couples. That is why it is one of the most popular European capitals for Valentine’s Day. How to spend it unusually? Certainly choosing to spend a night in a place where … you won’t get any rest 😉

I admit from the outset that the part of the capital of England that I know the best is the airport, which, next to Amsterdam, Oslo and Madrid, is my most common base for connections on long routes. It’s one of those places where you can go from Poland always. That is why – ironically, it is so hard for me to get there. I was indeed in London once (for one day), but at the age of 16. My only memories are limited to the cold in an open vessel, which ran on the Thames and using an entire roll of photographic film on pictures with David Beckham in Madame Tussauds Museum. So it’s safe to say that in terms of adult life, I have a lot of catching up to do in London. Undoubtedly, it is high time to make up for it.
Let’s start with the accommodation – it will be unusual! For me at least, because I’m giving up popular websites through which I normally book hotels (,, In a modern city I’m choosing a modern option – the increasingly popular Airbnb. It turns out to be true that one can find real pearls in these accommodations! Here they are, in my subjective ranking of the most original Airbnb in London:

5. Royally

Admit it, which one of you has not, just once, wished to spend the night in a real palace? In London, you have the opportunity. There are many apartments arranged with classic glamour. Personally, I would not mind taking advantage of the offer to rent a luxury room, decorated in the style of English mansions. The decor may be a bit overwhelming, but I must admit that it’s difficult to outshine this.

Price per night starting at: 1969 zł

4. Like in a fairy tale

Regardless of your taste and preferences in interior design and architecture, it is impossible not to appreciate the richness and attention to detail of the owners of this fairy-tale apartment. It’s a real treat for those looking for unique places full of beautiful details, above the standard offered by hotels available on the market. The always fashionable classic style in a unique version. The price is – to put it mildly – an obstacle, but a girl can dream.

Price per night starting at: 6979 zł


3. Cruise on the river

While in London, you do not have to choose to take a trip on the Thames to sail on a cruise – especially at night. An accommodation on a unusual, because acting as the hotel boat, is one of those attractions that you should check out at least once in any latitude of the world. You can also do this in London. This small, but cozy boat is equipped with everything you need for the duration of a 2-3-day stay in London. For a longer stay it gets a little claustrophobic, but over the weekend – you can sail away.

Price per night starting at: 778 zł

2. In a church

I warned that it would be unusual! It is not every day you encounter such a combination of Marrakesh and Jerusalem – in addition housed in a church. Because what isn’t here …? From a sofa set with a canopy native to a Lebanese sheesha bar, to the monastic shutters or embellishments, which could have been used in the most noble castles remembering medieval times, all within the walls of an old church. If you are looking for a hotel, at the memory of which a wide smile appears on your face, even on the cloudiest of days – book it without hesitation:

Price per night starting at: 597 zł

1. At… a railway station

My favorite from the beginning, hands down. Although the thought of an accommodation “at a railway station” at first glance, does not seem particularly attractive, sleeping on top of the clock tower does. And this is a kind of 2-in-1 – an absolutely fantastic apartment, furnished at the St Pancras station. Anyway – click the link and see for yourself. Could there be more original? Something for lovers of a loft-style interior, as well as fans of literature (in the apartment you will find a well-stocked library) and fans of an interesting bath. A bath situated like this is something else. It’s a hit! Unfortunately, the main picture on Airbnb does not show everything, so I will use a better photo.

Price per night starting at: 778 zł