Every person who loves traveling knows very well that it is not a task free from moments of doubt, difficulty and nerves. Most often, these negative emotions are connected with… the purchase of airline tickets.

Finding direct connections, cheap tickets that will be free from hidden charges, or just a flight with the appropriate standards may be a long, tiring and upsetting process. Fortunately, it does not have to be like that. There are effective ways to make buying airline tickets not seem like a horror movie.

Planning in advance

The age old rule says – if you are interested in scoring a cheap flight, start planning your trip well enough in advance. If we decide to purchase a ticket a few months before the scheduled flight, we can count on great savings with first minute promotions. The simplest ways are therefore the most effective.

It is important to remember that if we travel often, it is good to make a habit out of tracking ticket prices on the route that we are interested in. This will allow us to know usually how many weeks before departure they have the most attractive prices. You can use, for example, the Holiday Pirates app (it is available in a few regional versions – it is worth it to have them all) and set alerts for specific routes and flight dates.

The alert option is actually available within several applications and on several webpages – the advantage of the applications is the push notifications, which will immediately appear on your phone. By using webpages, we often have to accept the fact that information about interesting flights comes to our e-mail box, which can (because in the end, if something can go wrong, it will), result in the possibility that we will miss the e-mail or it will end up in our spam folder. And reaction time often plays the biggest role – there are plenty of people hunting for great prices.

Get help from websites that offer tickets

If we do not have the time to manually search for an airline connection or simply lack the experience, it may be better not to do this on our own. The solution is to get help from websites that deal with searching for the best and the cheapest connecting flights.

Among the ones that are currently available online, I can recommend for example tanibilet.eu – not only because of their professional service but also the personal approach towards the customer. I honestly count on more of this type of personalized services because it’s nice when someone takes a direct approach towards your problem and your plan.

The assistants always work the same. All we have to do is 1) give an approximate date of departure, 2) the departure airport, 3) the destination and 4) the length of stay on site. In return we will receive two alternative and most cost-effective proposals.

It is important to remember there are real professionals working at these types of websites and even if we’re planning a last minute trip, we can count on them to quickly find a ticket at a price that will not leave us wondering where and how much we can sell our kidney for today.

Directly from the airline

If you have time to plan your travels yourselves, it may be worth it to give up searching for airline tickets through ‘middle man’ webpages online. Most of them charge a provision, sometimes it can be a rather large one. Checking connections ourselves and booking a ticket directly on the airline’s website may turn out to be way more friendly for our wallets. But remember that this is probably an option for people who are experienced flyers and are able to spend some time searching for the best connections at the best prices.

Loyal customers can gain the most from this, especially those who have frequent flyer status – it is sometimes difficult for a beginner to find flights at good prices, unless their budget allows for some wiggle room.

Pay attention to details

Another important step to remember is to thoroughly check the offers of the airline tickets. Waiting for us may be many, not always pleasant, surprises. First of all, it is important to check the currency which we are going to be paying in when we buy the tickets. It is often the case that websites give us prices in Euro or USD. You may find a price list in PLN next to the original price, but with a note that this is an approximate price. You should be careful. It may be that in order to buy a ticket at a given price we have to pay a foreign currency, and if the payment card is assigned to a PLN account, the conversion rate may be very unpleasant!

It is also a good idea to pay special attention to everything that is written on the website in small print. You may find that you will be charged a commission that will significantly affect the final price of the ticket. We should also check baggage prices as well as other additional charges. Being in a rush can cause you to make bad decisions. The joy of buying a ticket at great price can be quickly diminished by the fact that in two weeks time you may be flying with only a purse.

Check different airports

When deciding to travel to an international destination, we usually choose an airplane that takes off from the airport that is not far from where we live. It is easier for us to handle our luggage, we also save time that we need to get there. Often times though, we do not realize that we may actually be paying more for this.

Sometimes it is much more profitable to travel even a few hundred kilometers to another airport. Therefore, before you decide to buy a ticket from your nearest airport, you should check what the prices are for other surrounding airports. Of course, this often means changing the carrier, and thus the terms of the ticket purchase.

Applying these simple tips and methods is an effective solution to problems with purchasing airline tickets. I have used them many times, so I also recommend you try out these methods. They really work.