Traveling is the perfect way to experience something amazing, see beautiful views, meet other people and their culture. And although I returned from most of my travels with a head full of colorful memories and with a big smile on my face, unfortunately they were others that disappointed me very much. What makes if more interesting, is that these are popular places, praised by travel agents and guides. I present to you the most overrated places in the world. So think twice when planning a trip to these areas.

I have already written earlier about Barcelona, towards which I am very reluctant. Of course, every place should be given a chance, but still somehow I am not convinced. Besides, I think that my feelings are shared by some other people. How about you?

Los Angeles

California’s most populous city. Described as delightful, full of life. Well known to us from numerous film productions. No wonder then, that before I went, I could not be happier that I would be able to explore the famous and wonderful City of Angels. Unfortunately, I was disappointed. The city, quite frankly, has nothing magical in it. Just a regular, but big, metropolis. However, it is difficult to feel some amazing aura or wonderful atmosphere here. Luckily, the areas surrounding the city calmed my disappointment – climatic, amazingly exotic, just like a photograph.

In conclusion, you can certainly visit Los Angeles, but do not expect too much.


The capital of Romania is another city that has definitely disappointed me. Many people, bloggers and travelers, argue that it is worth it to give this city a chance, at least to see, for example, the charming Bulevardul Unirii or the huge palace built by Nicolae Ceausescu. Unfortunately, you have to admit it. Bucharest is a boring city, which, unfortunately, does not have much to offer. A longer stay in this city is completely pointless, that is if we are interested in admiring architecture, tasty food or a unique climate. Unfortunately, we will not find them here.


India is a country that really let me down. You all know that I love exotic places and the opportunity to get to know other cultures and their customs, food, behaviors.

Unfortunately, tempted by the popular advertisements with the slogan “Incredible India”, I was hoping for a really great trip. Meanwhile, India is, to put it simply, an ugly country. Crowded, dirty, noisy.
There are, of course, some pluses, such as the possibility of enjoying the local cuisine, but do not count on any beautiful views, tranquility, and clean oceans. It is also worth mentioning that the local monuments are disappointing as well. An example can even be the Taj Mahal itself. I expected that this famous mausoleum would be at least as delightful as in the movies and guides. Meanwhile, the inside of the building itself is as small as the restroom in my apartment.

So do not be tempted by beautiful pictures and advertising slogans.


Probably every one of us has heard about this beautiful, picturesque island at least once. Meanwhile, visiting it is not such a good idea. Especially if we do not want to spend the whole holiday sitting in a hotel and taking advantage of the ‘all-inclusive’. Why? Because although Jamaica itself is a beautiful place, presenting itself exactly as we know it from movies, music videos or postcards, in this case, the people are a disappointment. The inhabitants of this island are well aware that the average tourist is not able to handle getting around the island alone, for example because of their lack of knowledge about it or the language barrier.

For every, even the smallest bit of help, they fool tourists out of huge sums of money. Because of this, even the most beautiful views make it impossible to forget about the disappointment of this place.


This famous Brazilian beach may seem like a real paradise. There must be a reason why they sing songs about it! So it would seem that clear water, soft sand and soothing sunshine await us. Nothing could be more wrong. Actually on this beach, we will find many unpleasant types of people, some beggars and prostitutes. The buildings surrounding the beach are very poverty-stricken, and have nothing to do with a happy holiday. Neither does the six-lane motorway located beside the beach.

As you can see then, our expectations of popular places and tourist destinations are often too high. In order for the travels that we do go on to meet our expectations, it is good to know exactly what they look like and what they have to offer. Thanks to that, we can avoid many disappointments.